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Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Another high return landscape investment is low voltage outdoor lighting. Again go quality if you want to add value to your property. Avoid cheap fixtures from the chain stores which invariably break and burn through expensive bulbs like crazy

Post Media News:

from an article by "Build it Right"
Mike Holmes

"The lighting around your house influences a lot of things including safety and curb appeal"

"Can poor outdoor lighting stop a sale? No but it sets the tone on how the buyer sees the rest of your home and may result in a lower offer"

"If you have a long driveway you can add lights along the way which helps guide drivers at night"

"You should also have plenty of lighting in your backyard around patios decks and sheds" 


When it comes to lighting your home’s outdoor spaces, don’t overdo a good thing. Excessive exterior lighting can make your home look like a prison yard, and light pollution is a real concern for any neighborhood. To achieve a warm, welcoming look, as well as optimum lighting, consider using the services of a lighting design specialist.

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