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Thursday, January 14, 2016

2015 BC Horticultural Show

I always try to check out all the industry trade shows to see what the newest and latest trends are in the green industry. Last years show
in Abbotsford delivered a couple of interesting tidbits
Artificial Turf has some serious issues.
Besides its high cost there are a lot of other concerns that should make homeowners think twice before replacing  their lawn     Personally
I've had a couple of my customers complain about staining and burned spots

A new idea combining composting and vertical gardening caught my attention This box would look great on your patio or deck. and would provide you with a show garden and a place to get rid of your green kitchen waste I met the inventor of this box and was totally impressed with his concept combining urban gardening and composting. In addition these boxes are constructed locally and the quality of the woodwork is superb. They can even use wood from fallen trees on your property in the construction

 Finally the highlight of the show. What this has to do with gardening I don't know. But this 56 Pontiac threw me down memory lane. This was the first car I ever owned . I paid $ 20
yes twenty bucks for a less pristine model this car when I was 15 years old

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